Mask Writer for Semiconductor

Our Mask Writer is well suited for 2nd layer of PSM photomask patterning in advanced technology nodes and Binary photomask patterning in mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) or automotive applications, with unique “consumable free” design and allow you to cut production cost drastically.
Our Mask Writer’s performance has been proofed in advanced semiconductor fabs with high reliability.


Our Mask Writer is equipped original developed alignment technology, which allow to meet the requirement of 2nd layer of PSM photomask patterning in advanced technology nodes.


Original developed distortion free optics allows our Mask Writer to perform 500nm or beyond optical resolution simultaneously satisfying both high speed and high precision.

Consumable Free

Our unique “consumable free” design allows users to cut production cost significantly. No need to replace light source, lens, mirror or such, which save lots of maintenance (service) fees beside parts fees and also maintain high operation time through the years thanks of low downtime.

Low Power Consumption

Carbon footprint is becoming very important roll for corporate strategy. Our Mask Writer is equipped high effeciency light source which required ultra low power consumption compare to conventional Laser base mask writer.