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Business Overview

Solution for Fine Processing

We have been engaged in various inspection and development production of the measuring equipment in the semiconductor manufacturing process, and raised a technique through work in response to the high demand of our customers. Finally, we were able to have “Maskless Lithography equipment DL-1000”.
Digital Micromirror Device and all of our cultivated optics technology are reflected in DL-1000.
The center of the nanofabrication technology is a lithography process, but we believe that our DL-1000 would have a possibility to raise a technology development speed of a wide field including the field of semiconductor, liquid crystal, bio relations drastically.

And also, we are now process of development of special laser production. This will enable us to put emphasis on development of the laser processing equipment which can be directly-processable to materials.

We continuously focus on the field of optics technology which includes “the light” with great potential, and also we pursue offering and developing a new source of light and special optical products integrated into precision equipment in various fields.

Maskless Lithography tool DL-1000

Solution for inspection / measurement

The semiconductor device is produced on a silicon (Si)-based crystal. We have put various inspection tools for Si-based crystal Si-wafer for many years in the market.
We believe that the inspection technology to be concerned with a flatness degree of the Si wafer which is manufactured by the fusion of the particularly high optics technique and image processing technology are especially we proud of.
We have such a various line-up unique inspection tools based on the technology of core competence.
We have the know-how of the optics, image processing technology that can support a use of various special measurement and inspection.
We aim to be a leading company of Si wafer inspection and measurement tools to use strength of our technology.

New Business

Foundry Business

We are engaged in a plan to foundry business for use of our original Maskless Lithography tool and Laser processing tool. We are working on manufacture by commissioning business of the special glass including a precision mold and sapphire.

Development of Laser Submicron Technology

Development of Precise Laser Processing Technology is supported by Okinawa new industrial research & technology support project.

New business