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Precise Laser Processing Technology

Development of Laser Machining System is supported by Okinawa new industrial research & technology support project.

As a Precise Laser Processing Technology expert, we are committed to offering optimum solutions.

The pulse width of the laser and an item of the laser beam quality (M2) become the most important to the laser processing such as a perforator, scribing, a die thing, the marking to realize more exact minute processing.
The class of heat influence of processing materials by the laser processing (HAZ) becomes wide in proportion to the square root of pulse width in general.
Furthermore, it is important that how much energy can condense light in a unit area (laser fluence: J /cm²), if the laser beam quality indicating the light-condensing characteristic is bad, the collecting performance of the laser decreases, and then HAZ increases, the processing quality deteriorates.

In the first place, the effect of superiority of the laser processing is expected as follows.
1.Reduction of the process and shortening of the takt time
2.Reduction of the heat influence
3.Improvement of the processing precision
4.Improvement of the reliability
5.Micro/complicated profiling

However, what happens is that it is difficult as for the introduction of the laser device when a laser device and the neighboring optical goods are more expensive than other processing tools, and it cannot expect a considerable effect appropriate to the production cost.

We are therefore developed superior (M2=1.05)Fiber MOPA Laser by the high output and the laser beam quality which is possible at pulse width from picosecond to a nanosecond.

We place this laser device as a master laser for high-definition microfabrication. We are now on the process of the production and distribution for this “the low price monofunctionalized laser device” which is the most suitable laser processing parameter that is suitable for the processing materials, and production sells only for necessary functions based on customers’ request.

Moreover, we are currently under development that the production and distribution of laser processing equipment with the single function laser device.