Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information Obtained via the Web Site of NanoSystem Solutions, Inc. NanoSystem Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “NSS”) respects the privacy of its customers. The Web site operated by NSS upholds Japanese laws regarding the protection of personal information. We handle personal information with discretion, and operate our site on the basis of the policy stated below. This policy describes the handling of personal information on the NSS Web site. It does not apply to domestic affiliated companies, overseas affiliated companies, and links from the NSS homepage.

Use of Personal Information

In principle, NSS uses the personal information of customers to provide our products, services and related information to customers. In the event that a customer does not wish to receive information on our products, services and related information, we will cease the provision of information upon request from the customer. The use of the personal information of customers obtained through this Web site for purposes other than the above, which are clearly stated in advance, shall not be other than for the stated purpose.

Non-disclosure to Third Parties

NSS does not disclose or provide the personal information supplied by customers to any third parties, except in the circumstances stated below.
(1) When the customer has given consent.
(2) When the disclosure of information to business contractors or business partners is required in order to achieve the objectives of the customer in using the site. In this event, NSS shall take all necessary steps to ensure appropriate handling of personal information by the party to which it supplies the information.
(3) When disclosure of information to a company affiliated with NSS is required in order to respond properly to an inquiry.
(4) When disclosure of personal information is required by law, NSS shall provide the information to the relevant government agencies only.


NSS shall take all reasonable and appropriate security measures for preventing illegal, outside access to personal information and the loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information in order to ensure the secure management of the personal information of customers. Each division that handles personal information will also appoint an information manager and make all efforts to manage information in an appropriate manner as well as establishing regulations on the security of information and ensuring that all employees are aware of the regulations.

Alterations to Registered Information

When a customer requests the alteration, confirmation, correction or deletion of the personal information registered about the customer by the customer, NSS shall use appropriate methods to make the alterations only after confirming that the request has been made either by the customer or by a party subcontracted by the customer.

Changes to the Policy

NSS will review and amend the above mentioned policy on the handling of the personal information of customers in accordance with relevant legislative amendments.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy statement, you may contact us using the information below.

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