Intelligent Edge Polishing system


The Intelligent Edge Polishing system is that polishes the edge of difficult-to-cut compound semiconductors with high efficiency, and contributes to the improvement of the customer’s yield.


  • Polishing head position control by edge shape measurement (Option) in advance
    → Reduction of incorrect setting by operators
    → Improved polishing efficiency and Polishing quality improvement

  • Compact polishing head (patent)
  • Polishing mode :
    – Fixed point mode ()
    – Continuous mode ()
  • Special polishing tape

Typical specifications

  • Wafer type : Compound semiconductor
  • Wafer size : Up to 8 inch
  • Polishing tape : #2,000 – #10,000
  • Utilities : 3-phase 200VAC, 15A (power supply), >= 0.5MPa (compressed air), >= 0.3MPa 5L/min (city water)


Before Polishing After Polishing
Edge Surface
Edge Shape

Almost no change in the wafer edge shape
*Edge Surface : The smaller the number of white dots, the better the surface roughness.